ghosts: hi-tungsten filament

a ghost in the field of nephallim ? no. it\’s a charcoal berner.

Begg and MacDonald. Chancers. Soap-dodgers. Ghosts of the Rolling Stones ? Or gibbering in the drool of Jack Daniels and pulling on a neck of Wild Turkey. Dust.

THE GHOSTS: HI-TUNGSTEN FILAMENT from \”Hitler\’s Watercolours: 56 Gower Street (1989-1993)\” Teac Demos (Maryjane) 1993 (UK) GHOSTS: THE FABLED LOST ALBUM (MARYJANE)


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Hello. I am still breathing, if you wondered at this latest absence. I needed to step back from the drop awhile, the empty space between the rails, to let the game play out. It has not been pretty for