good morning…

dublin southside, 2008. photograph by barry.

\”Nothing to do to save his life, call his wife in. Nothing to say but what a day; how\’s your boy been ? Nothing to do, it\’s up to you, I\’ve got nothing to say but it\’s O.K.\”

Lennon & McCartney.

Except. Underneath Mr. Martin\’s shiny production excesses – admirable, though they may be – there lurks a connoisseurs\’ carefully barbed slice of healthy cynicism. The rusting hull of a scuppered tug.

Nasty. Thank you, John.

Don\’t shoot the messenger. Unless his name is Chapman.

THE BEATLES: GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING from \”Sgt. Pepper\’s Lonely Hearts Club Band\” LP (Parlophone) 1967 (UK)



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