hotter than july

Released in 1960, the soundtrack to Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim\’s smash \”West Side Story\” – originally launched on Broadway in 1957 – spent an unprecedented 54 weeks at #1 on Billboard\’s album charts, giving it the longest run on the top spot of any album in recording history.

It was the only musical I could stand to watch as a pre-adolescent.

The newsagents at the top of the street where I sometimes spent weekends with my cousins and aunt and uncle was called \”Broadway\”. Any hint of reflected glamour it may once have clung to had long since vacated. Even the boxes of continental chocolates on the long shelves were by then covered in a fine film of dust.

RITA MORENO & GEORGE CHAKIRIS: AMERICA from \”West Side Story\” LP (columbia) 1961 (US)



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