My wife seized the wheel of the skillet, I took the stool and nursed a glass of wine.

\” You like risotto ?\” she asked.

\”I don\’t mind paella,\” I said.

\”It\’s the same thing, without the seafood,\” she went on.

I took a sip. \”Well. I don\’t care for anything with peas throught it.\” \”That\’s right,\” she said, \”you like plain rice.\” \”I like that red and white shit Better,\” I allowed, Admiring the mushrooms as they Snuffled around the pan.

Noses. Brown leather buttons. \”Yes.\” she smirked. \”And saffron. Nothing but the best.\” I sat a while. Considered this. Rolled the grape, Round and round. \”Well. I hope to get a taste again. Before I kick the bucket.\” The mushrooms sizzled. The baby hiccuped.

It did not seem to go down well.


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