i like bob dylan and i smell like a witch

I stole this one from One Base on an Overthrow. Straight up. Just walked in there and blagged it. Anything this good ought to be flayed on repeat. And immediately purchased. Sadly, you can\’t buy it. It comes on one of those \’split\’ 45s; a four track EP featuring four bands, which adds up to value for money. No tedious filler. It appears \”WLWI Vol. 3\” has sold out. Alongside virtually everything else on this label operating out of Attleboro, Massachusetts. Maybe they put something in the water. Maybe it is something left out. Well. I confess. That Republican Party sticker threw me a little. Maybe there is elephant shit in there somewhere. Seeping into the domestic supply.

Almost Ready Records

NOBUNNY: HIPPY WITCH from \”World\’s Lousy With Ideas Vol. 3\” EP (Almost Ready Records) 2008 (US)

Nobunny – Justin Chaplin – is credited as originating in Tucson, Arizona. There is possibly as much truth in it as in a David Seltzer screenplay. Active on the Boston club scene, vaccine against Myxomatosis is dwindling. A version of \”Hippy Witch\” appears on \”Raw Romance\”: a cassette issued through Burger Records. Nobunny does not accept bookings for children\’s parties, functions at Mcdonald\’s or Burger King. Nobunny may not be vegan.


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