i\’m so lonesome i could cry

cowboy\’s lament.

Recorded in Toronto, Ontario\’s Church of the Holy Trinity on November 27th, 1987. Which no doubt must have felt vaguely like bad news – from the pews – if your name happens to be Alan Anton.

But, my, what acoustics. What an eerie atmosphere of inconsolable loss. Margo Timmins: vocals; Michael Timmins: guitar; Alan Anton: bass; Peter Timmins: drums.

Originally written and recorded, of course, by the inimitable Hank Williams back in 1949; a #1 position on the Billboard Country Singles chart, four years before his demise in the back seat of a Cadillac.

A cowboy junkie with a bad case of the blues.

COWBOY JUNKIES: I\’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY from \”The Trinity Session\” LP (Latent) 1988 (Canada)



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