i steal with a cool hand. look

The rows concealed behind razor wire and fence. The following overblown \’confessional\’ was originally culled from a post carried on Record Robot. Seemingly a vanity project – recorded in San Diego, CA and owing more of a debt, perhaps, to \”Cool Hand Luke\” – it nonetheless shambles, chained, in the footprints of Robert Elliott Burns. And, by tenuous extention, in the brusque foreword or afterword of Dashiell Hammett and Jim Thompson; themselves some time contributors to Bernaar Macfadden\’s True Detective.

\”Pulp\”, of course, was the title – fittingly – of Charles Bukowski\’s last \’novel\’. Published in 1994, just ahead of his death. In it, the role of narrator\’s voice passes from the familiar – Henry Chinaski – to private investigator, Nicky Berlane. \”Pulp\” punctuates the end of an era. And similarly \’celebrates\’ what Bukowski defines as \”bad writing\”.

Bukowski may or may not have been justified in digging out an axe to grind. Genre writing, so far as I am concerned, is no better or worse merely for its author\’s pursuit of the rent; alimony; necessities or vices. It is what it is.

Me. I think he was just poking fun. Kicking back with the dicks for laughs.

I have no clear idea whether Floyd, here, is genuine or not. I suspect the latter.

He most definitely feels he has an axe to grind.

Ignore the window dressing. The pomp and chorus of pickaxe and shovel. The library music. Acquaint your ears, instead, with the private disinterment of a man falling in and out of his cups.

And the tarnished legacy of Robert Elliott Burns.

Raise a glass to the spurious or simply ill considered.

A sequel of sorts, it appeared first on SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS in July, 2008. Nothing much changes when all\’s said and done.

FLOYD McCLELLAN: I AM AN EX-CONVICT FROM A FLORIDA CHAIN GANG from \”I Am An Ex-Convict From a Florida Chain Gang\” LP (Sagitario) 1978 (US)


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