if thy right eye offends thee…

Siblings. Your silence is deafening. No commentary on any new post in the last ten days and counting. Despite some healthy incoming traffic. I am almost tempted to check that I haven\’t inadvertently disabled a function or two in the settings somewhere. Indeed, were it not for those statistics helpfully thrown into focus via StatCounter and its ilk, I might have come to the conclusion that this blog had simply overran its \’best by date\’. Have I been rude ? A good brother informed me that my posts had been somewhat terse of late, and certainly it\’s true that I have been investing less time and resources here – and elsewhere – than previously. Things are afoot. By the twitching of my thumbs. In fact, I ought to have declared an armistice of sorts – a defined period of truce – but I am impulsive by nature, and such a cease-fire could never last. Neither do I feel compelled to turn this activity into some kind of full-time job; replete with contractual obligation and negotiated absence in place of the true spirit of vacation.

Of course. I am tempted just to weather the storm. Stick my head above the parapet as my mood dictates, and simply feign indifference.

A far more noble resolution, perhaps.

As I opined once before, rather tactlessly, when Siblingshot On The Bleachers was a mere imperious suckling:


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