iggy mcgonagall. invested

Indigo Blue, running thru Petrol, a real cheap shit affair.

My balls had not dropped, which was probably just as swell,

The pockets were fake as silicon valley runarounds, rebounds, No place to put \’em in a pinch Or file them away like insurance Returns. I mention this in passing, Water, Kidney Stones as ripe as melons, Tobacco Talons on Naugahyde, Eggs over Topaz – Blah fuckin\’ Blah

– And all the while this irascible Itch. This is why I may campaign for Stooge In elevator shoes, smelly lifts, The notion of socks. This is why I play long odds, even stevens, though I am far from a betting man. I once owned a denim waistcoat.

ALICE COOPER (A DETROIT COTERIE): I\’M EIGHTEEN from \”Love It To Death\” LP (Straight) 1971 (US)


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