index SIN CD 9

Albrecht Dürer ices Huffs of breath. Bandanas shiver, Pimple at 2:00 AM. Between the kitchen and this porch, Refrigerator motors idle.


\’The Knight, The Devil and Death\’

Written and produced by

Craig Leon; Mark E. Smith; Simon Rogers.

Note: the version subsequently compiled on \’Sinister Waltz\’ is the truncated backing track, shorn of Brix Smith\’s utterances.

Far from airless claustrophia, there is a sense of travel throughout, or the urge to; astral projection and vending machines. Electric fans whispering. Ceramic tiles. A long corridor. Clocks.

THE FALL: THE KNIGHT, THE DEVIL AND DEATH from \”Ed\’s Babe\” EP (Cog Sinister) 1992 (UK)


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