it\’s a rainy day, sunshine girl

Well and truly.

By morning last Friday, the rain began to fall. By noon it became clear this was no ordinary precipitation. Those raindrops were the size and colour of bright pennies, bouncing back up from the pavement to gather round the knees like a charm bracelet. Sluicing down under the collar and the back of one\’s neck.

In many cultures the presence of rain on a wedding day is considered an auspicious omen. The Italians, I hear, have a phrase for it: \”Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata\” – a wet spouse is a lucky spouse – bride and groom anointed with good fortune. A token of fertility seemingly.

My God. We have three already. We might yet sire a football team.

Buddhists and Hindus, too – I am told – are united by this conviction.

All that rain could not dampen our spirit any. Although I would have welcomed the chance to stroll along sun dappled lanes rather than dash between taxi and registry office sheltered beneath a golfing umbrella. Still. Our Portuguese piper had earlier called the tune, stoically observing that pipers are much like the rain here in Scotland; guaranteed to grace the day. And so he did. Ceremoniously playing us out like a trooper through the downpour; our guests braving the same as they showered us with confetti. Some of it in my face as harshly as a slap.

Thank you, Jose. And all those who joined us despite the awful traffic threading and choking the city centre. Like salmon fighting upstream we made it in the end.

TOM VERLAINE: RAIN, SIDEWALK from \”Around\” LP (Thrill Jockey) 2006 (US) THE BLUE NILE: TINSELTOWN IN THE RAIN from \”A Walk Across The Rooftops\” LP (Linn) 1983 (UK) BOB DYLAN: EARLY MORNIN\’ RAIN from \”Self Portrait\” LP (Columbia) 1970 (US) FRED NEIL: LITTLE BIT OF RAIN from \”Bleecker & MacDougal\” LP (Elektra) 1965 (US) LED ZEPPELIN: THE RAIN SONG from \”Houses Of The Holy\” LP (Atlantic) 1973 (UK) DIRTY THREE: RAIN ON from \”Cinder\” LP (Touch And Go) 2005 (US) FAUST: IT\’S A RAINY DAY, SUNSHINE GIRL from \”So Far\” LP (Polydor) 1972 (Germany) THE BEATLES: RAIN from \”Paperback Writer b/w Rain\” 45 (Parlophone) 1965 (UK)


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