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Merry Prankster bus driver, Neal Leon Cassady is infamous not only as Jack Kerouac\’s friend and muse, Dean Moriarty, but also looms large – in spirit if not word count – in Tom Wolfe\’s \”The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test\”, and Hunter S. Thompson\’s \”Hell\’s Angels\”

Perhaps not altogether fairly, he is celebrated as he \”who did\” to Kerouac\’s \”he who merely wrote\”.

I have no idea exactly what year this reading dates from, but I\’m guessing very early 1960s ; If any Beat Generation die-hard out there is certain of its provenance by all means leave a comment and I\’ll correct the dating label on the post.

JACK KEROUAC: VISIONS OF NEAL: NEAL & THE THREE STOOGES, PART ONE from \”The Jack Kerouac Collection\” 3 x CD (Rhino/Wea) 1990 (US) FIND IT HERE


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