jock\’s away, in a manner of speaking

Oscar Wilde Brendan Behan Sean O\’Casey George Bernard Shaw Samuel Beckett Eugene O\’Neill Edna O\’Brien Lawrence Stern Sean Kavanaugh Sean McCann Benedict Keilly Jimmy Hiney Frank O\’Connor Catherine Rhine Russell Hoban Charles Bukowski William S. Burroughs Robert Stone…

Recorded by Ian Sommerville.

From a lecture given by WSB at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa Institute, April 20, 1976, and Brion Gysin\’s Permutational Tape fragment, BBC Studios, London, 1960.

Sans Big Jimmy Paterson on trombone.

WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: ORIGIN AND THEORY OF THE TAPE CUT-UPS from \”Break Through in a Grey Room \” CD (Sub Rosa) 1994 (US/UK) BRION GYSIN: RECALLING ALL ACTIVE AGENTS from \”Break Through in a Grey Room \” CD (Sub Rosa) 1994 (US/UK)


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