joe cuba sextet

Joe Cuba was born \”Gilberto Calderón\” in 1931 in the city of New York.

\”Cuba is considered to be the \”Father of Latin Boogaloo\”. His parents emigrated from Puerto Rico in the late 1920s and settled in Spanish Harlem, a Hispanic ghetto located in Manhattan. Cuba was raised in an apartment building where his father had become the owner of a candy store located on the ground floor (street level floor). His father had organized a stickball (ghetto baseball) club called the Devils. Stickball was the main sport activity of the neighborhood. After Cuba broke a leg he took up playing the conga and continued to practice with the conga between school and his free time. Eventually he graduated from high school and joined a band.\” Recorded at La Tierra Sound Studios, NYC. Watch out for that first fade. It ain\’t over yet.

JOE CUBA SEXTET: BANG! BANG! from \”Push, Push\” LP (Fania) 1966 (US)



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