julie\’s been working for the DWP

First there is a weekend strorm in a teacup concerning allegations that fat boy, Brown physically hauled junior staff out of their seats in a blind rage. Then, Chancellor, Alistair Dowling confides to Sky News that \”the forces of hell were unleashed\” from No. 10 when he first forecast the worst economic downturn in sixty years. Well. The teacup is upset. Slapped out the master\’s hand; trampled into fine powder as the footwear begins flailing. Both Scots, in the most tenuous definition of family, it is like waking up to find the creeps from the debating society have taken over the school canteen. By default. That their dads work for the KGB.

Bad enough when they first start dishing out the slop. Insufferable when the lorries stop rolling in and they turn on each other with knives and forks.


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