king leopold\’s ghost

The world is seemingly populated with souls who would deny the Holocaust.

Blink, and you will have missed it.

Events which echo those horrors bring them tumbling out of the woodwork like so many blind worms, quick to point the finger of conspiracy even as they conspire. The planet is full of souls in denial; quick to maim in order to secure a place in the next world, or line their pockets in this. The coffers of their church. The world is full of sycophants who would sooner look the other way.

The world is full of twisted motherf@ckers.

The wheel that turns is like that which steers the boat. The river thickens and congeals. Turns crude; the polluted arteries of a stricken heart. Originally released in 1975, with Peter Laughner on guitar, \”Heart of Darkness\” found a subsequent reissue on Radar\’s 1978 12\” anthology of Pere Ubu\’s first three 45\’s: \”Datapanik in the Year Zero\”, & on Rough Trade\’s 1985 retrospective, \”Terminal Tower\”.

hearthan HR 101, 1975.

David Thomas: vocals; Peter Laughner: guitar; Tim Wright: bass; Scott Krauss: drums.

from ubuprojex: \”The name derives from an anglo-saxon word for harp. The p is a transliteration of the anglo-saxon thorn, a letter that was pronounced th.HEARTHAN (pronounced hay-are-than, rhymes with van) gradually gave way to HEARPEN (pronounced hay-are-pen) as the label\’s name.\”

PERE UBU: HEART OF DARKNESS from \”Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo b/w Heart Of Darkness\” 45 (Hearthan) 1975 (US) UBU PROJEX: BUYER\’S GUIDE TO PERE UBU


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