kit lambert\’s hall of the mountain king

From \”The Who Sell Out\” sessions, which featured collaboration with John \’Speedy\’ Keene – of Thunderclap Newman – on the track \”Armenia City in the Sky\”.

This manic jam on \”Hall of the Mountain King\” from Edvard Greig\’s \”Peer Guint Suite\”, first performed in 1876, was produced by Kit Lambert at London\’s Kingsway Studios sometime between may and december, 1967, but didn\’t make it onto the album. Ultimately, it just didn\’t conform to the LP\’s conceptual remit but it was finally reinstated as a bonus track on the remastered CD reissue in 1995.

The faux \’Radio London\’ jingles which sequence those tracks on the original release were actually produced by PAMS Productions in Dallas, Texas, and prompted a series of law-suits at the time since PAMS – responsible for literally thousands of radio station stings throughout the 60\’s and 70\’s – alleged the commercials were reproduced without consent.

THE WHO: HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING from \”The Who Sell Out (Sessions)\” CD Reissue (MCA/Polydor) 1995 (UK)



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