know your conjurer

To those of you who looked no farther than the sacrificial goat, you left the feast empty bellied; to those of you who asked no more from pablo\’s danseurs than a festive showing, you missed a merry treat. Squatters on the Bleachers – and there are a few – will be aware by now of my fixation on the astral unravellings of one Daevid Allen; the dark archipelago where hippie collided with punk in those eruptions from Planet Gong. The liaison was fittingly brief. It culminated with a startled Dingbat Alien fleeing passing searchlights – luminous burning spearings – to seek refuge in the bush; it ended with Mark Perry\’s ATV hijacking a free bus in the Here and Now. In much the same anarchic spirit, Dave Sez of Know Your Conjurer – aided and abetted by pinkpressthreat – wassailed the house to alert me to a Megapost on some very hard to unearth gems from the band first formed in Ladbroke Grove in 1974. Never once in print jams and unreconstituted vinyl rips. Soundboard Recordings. What began as one man\’s labour of love seems to have escalated into something more deeply collaborative. From who ? Where ? Know Your Conjurer. From Pablo to Bosch. * * e d o * *. This unforseen doffing of the – conical – cap took far longer to orchestrate than anticipated. A two fingered jab at the keys, and my dashing off to shake a knitted monkey over the crib. Lest I forget, I would like to say a brief hello to baby Cal, too, who entered the world to share his birthday with Stacia of Hawkwind just three short evenings ago. Glad tidings.

Three weeks on the heels of my own impossibly small son; Milo, the Sagittarian. Registered, at last, today. Know your conjurer.


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