la celestina: blue period

TW 1010.

Next stop, the Twilight Zone. From their official biography: \”17 Pygmies officially began in 1982 when then Savage Republic member Jackson Del Rey (aka Philip Drucker) began jamming in a garage with keyboardist and guitarist Michael Kory (Radwaste) and drummer, soon to be singer, Debbie Spinelli from Food & Shelter and Radwaste… Their cinematic fusion of progressive psychedelia and experimentalism – deliberately recalling the early Pink Floyd – allegedly harks back to the signature sound laid bare on 1984\’s \”Jedda by the Sea\”, recorded in Santa Monica and released originally on Resistance Records in the States and Rough Trade in Europe. Quite beautiful in both its quiet and sometimes grating tribal ambience.

17 Pygmies – with new bass player, Bob Mora – are currently at work on a new CD scheduled for release later this year. Material for it has been previewed at live performances including a gig at the IPO Festival, Spaceland in Los Angeles.

Jackson Del Rey: guitar, bass, keyboard, vocal; Jeff Brenneman: guitar; Meg Maryatt: guitar, keyboard, accordion, vocal; Dirk Doucette: drums. Produced by Jackson Del Ray; mastered by Paul du Gré.

17 PYGMIES: CELESTINA (I) from \”Celestina\” CD (Trakwerx) 2008 (US)

17 PYGMIES: CELESTINA (V) from \”Celestina\” CD (Trakwerx) 2008 (US) 17 PYGMIES @ MYSPACE


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