lieutenant pigeon

stop the pigeon…

This song perfectly encapsulates the grey twilight of the early 70\’s up and down the sewage stoked shores of these hallowed isles.

An era of miners\’ strikes and constant power cuts as a consequence. Unemptied refuse bins piling on the streets and troops deployed to clean up the decaying heaps.

Nobody seemed to mind too much. The miners were heroic then, the martyrs of Great Britain\’s declining heavy industry and just in their demands for better pay.

Late at night their parents secretly cursed those same strikers they countenanced by day. Heavy metal canisters of Calor Gas appeared in every house like early Christmas presents.

Fast forward a mere decade, and the miners had a much tougher time of it as they fought to preserve their jobs and dignity under Tory prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

This was Lieutenant Pigeon\’s only big hit. From Wiki: \”A spin-off from the experimental music band, Stavely Makepeace, fronted by Rob Woodward; Lieutenant Pigeon\’s sound was dominated by the heavy ragtime-style piano played by his mother, Hilda Woodward.\”

Written by Nigel Fletcher and Woodward – and recorded in Woodward\’s front room in Coventry with his mum tinkling on the ivories – this was one of Jarvis Cocker\’s Desert Island Discs when he guested on the very wonderful BBC Radio 4. My station of choice.

Ideal for any funeral as an antidote to the bogus angst of the Big Chill.

LEUTENANT PIGEON: MOULDY OLD DOUGH from \”Mouldy Old Dough b/w The Villain\” 45 (Decca) 1972 (UK) THE BEST OF LIEUTENANT PIGEON


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