little johnny jewel

Despite the woefully histrionic film adaptation of 1989, it remains one of those truly great pieces of American writing capable of changing the way its reader looks out at the world forever.

The same could be said for this 1975 slab of creeping osmosis. Written by Tom Verlaine.

It\’s after 4:00 AM here in this shitty tower block and I can\’t get back to sleep, brothers and sisters. Oddly, the little clocks on my sidebar both seem to have disappeared. Who knows for sure ? Maybe they have decided to strip the code off the page and let me bleed out into the black. I have no idea any more what time it is in New York.

TELEVISION: LITTLE JOHNNY JEWEL (PARTS 1 & 2) from \”Little Johnny Jewel (Part 1) b/w Little Johnny Jewel (Part 2)\” 45 (Ork) 1975 (US) MARQUEE MOON REVISITED


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