little richie marsh

Richard Marsh: Born 1937 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Died in Austin Texas, June 25, 2009.

Overshadowed by recent events over the course of these last few days, I only caught this sad news yesterday, courtesy of The Warden.

Lifted from The Seeds \’66 debut album, also released on GNP Crescendo – out of Melrose Avenue, LA – the flip side comes directly from their second LP \”A Web of Sound\”. If your brain has begun to liquify after repeated hothouse offerings of \”Billie Jean\” these past 48 hours, maybe it\’s time to push on and germinate a little perspective. Covered by a host of the disaffected from Alex Chilton – on the flip side to his 1978 45 \”Bangkok\”, on Fun Records – to the Ramones.

Jan Savage: Guitar;

Sky Saxon: lead vocals, bass, harmonica; Daryl Hooper: piano, organ; Rick Andridge: drums. Produced by Marcus Tybalt. Written by Sky Saxon.

THE SEEDS: CAN\’T SEEM TO MAKE YOU MINE from \”Can\’t Seem To Make You Mine b/w I Tell Myself\” 45 (GNP Crescendo) 1967 (US)


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