lost and found, redux

Reflective and spare – understated and warmly genuine – this beautiful collection of songs gently floored me on its pre-release last year.

Previously on SibLINGHOT ON THE BLEACHERS (23/04/09): \”There is a sepulchral fragility to the songs this duo brings to the table. A brittle clarity in their refusal to labour the point… Quietly poetic observations in the two to three minute manner of a Jonathan Richman or Antony Hegarty\”.

That is to say, achingly direct.

A regular fixture, seemingly, at the Bowery Poetry Club – just over the bridge from their native Brooklyn – there is nothing to be uncovered in their stripped to the bone eloquence which discomforts or annoys. Their pairing melts in the shallow of a heated spoon. Impurities swabbed and filtered; niggling doubts suspended in the wings. The nested spirit of CBGB\’s.

Absorbed and informed by fleeting decades. I wandered to my front door this morning and their CD was jammed in my letterbox. A manila envelope bearing a return address. The final print has been a long time coming. Even before I opened it I was elated. Chastened.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread ? Decide for yourself. Just beautiful.

uchenna bright: bass; jen tobin: vocals and guitar. Released on the Eternal Amateur label through Bowery Poetry Club Records.

THE FOOLS: EVEN FOOLS KNOW (BONUS TRACK) from \”Lost And Found\” CD (Eternal Amateur) 2009 (US) THE FOOLS: FOLLY (BONUS TRACK) from \”Lost And Found\” CD (Eternal Amateur) 2009 (US)



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