loudon done right

Emmett and Mike over on Art Decade have whipped up something of an Alex Chilton and Big Star limousine buffet this past week. You might not want to miss it. A good deal of those tracks (and the odd supporting link) featured are kind of hard to find.

This Loudon Wainright III song – a studio version of the Chilton acoustic segment originally aired on WLIR Radio in 1974 – is just a small taste of what\’s on offer. I am loving listening to this but it has plunged me into a minor dark night of the soul. The brandy does little to help matters, of course. I will weather the storm. I just have to remind myself to lock away those razor blades.

Excuse me while I go \’pop\’ some olives. Or make some cheese on toast.

All that\’s missing is a Gideon\’s Bible.

BIG STAR: MOTEL BLUES (DEMO) from \”Ardent Studio Sessions (1972-73)\” CD (Bootleg) 1973 (US)


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