lucid ardor

ar•dent |ˌɑːd(ə)nt| adjective enthusiastic or passionate : an ardent baseball fan | an ardent suitor. See note at eager . • archaic or poetic/literary burning; glowing : the ardent flames.

DERIVATIVES ar•dent•ly adverb

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French ardant, from Latin ardens, ardent -, from ardere ‘to burn.’ It\’s snowing again. And all I can see are the empty spaces between each flake. From a bootleg which, until very recently, was quite unknown to me. With a grateful tip of the hat to my siblings over at Art Decade. BIG STAR: FEEL (ROUGH MIX) from \”Ardent Studio Sessions (1972-73)\” CD (Bootleg) 1973 (US) BIG STAR: THE BALLAD OF EL GOODOO (ROUGH MIX) from \”Ardent Studio Sessions (1972-73)\” CD (Bootleg) 1973 (US) photograph by robert anderson, 1993.


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