mammoth hunter: hot air mail

hot air press: all the way to glasgow from hartford, connecticut.

It\’s official. It is Friday afternoon, I\’ve paid my telephone line rental, and I\’m in good spirits.

Not only that, I just received the vinyl copy of Mammoth Hunter\’s outrageously good single through the mail; and even better, it arrived in one piece! Just to confuse you, I\’ve elected to post a scan of the inside of the box it came in – I\’m pleased to see the guys at Hot Air Press are keen to play their part when it comes to recycling.

One thing I neglected to mention. My turntable is dead. Kaput. If anybody out there can be of assistance, I\’d really appreciate it if somebody could e-mail me a link to an decent MP3 of side 2, just so I can finally listen to \”new track 2\” at long last. This is cutting edge reportage, brothers and sisters; either that, or I am simply so relieved I still have an internet connection to assail you from on a daily basis that I\’m havering. My mouth is running.

Hot air, people, hot air.



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