marley\’s christmas carol

Many moons ago when we were all much younger – thirty years ago, to be precise – there was a certain Che who frequented the comments section on a Radio Clyde scheduled Wednesday evening show hosted by one Brian Ford. Kicking off a full two hours before Peel\’s ethereal drone commenced, Che\’s lucid ramblings became something of a highlight; a paraphrased hot spot of local color.

Ah. Whatever happened to Che ? I have sometimes wondered.

This was what white Reggae sounded like in 1979 when not channeled by more sophisticated urban upstarts with Mikey Dread to keep it authentic. Or Bernie Rhodes in the navigator\’s chair with the director\’s bullhorn.

One might quibble, but Burns could surely strangle a guitar and make it squeal.

Written by Bob Marley

Produced by Geoff Travis and Mayo Thompson.

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: JOHNNY WAS from \”Inflammable Material\” LP (Rough Trade) 1979 (NI / UK)


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