massachusetts (thrice): another view

First off, let me explain why \”Massachetts (Thrice)\”.

This is not the original version of \”Sticking With You\” from the unreleased \’fourth\’ album by the Velvet Underground, recorded in NYC between 1968-69 for MGM, and repackaged as \”VU\” on Verve in 1985. There never was really a \’lost\’ album as such, just a collection of unreleased songs which never made the final cut in the transition from MGM to Atlantic.

The original version of the song, penned by Lou Reed, is a much more laid-back affair and lacks the childish vitality and spark of this 1974 collaboration between Moe Tucker and Jonathan Richman.

It was released on the Boston imprint, Varulven, as a split 45 backed with \”Count Viglione\’s Love and Flame featuring Lady Carolyn\” in 1980, and remains – as far as I\’m aware – out of print, although it was re-released as part of a five track EP, again on Varulven, in 1985.

The line-up features Willie \”Loco\” Alexander on keyboards and backing vocals; Jonathan Richman performing Lou Reed\’s original vocal part; and a possible – but uncorroborated – guitar part by George Nardo.

MOE TUCKER & FRIENDS: ANOTHER VIEW (I\’M STICKING WITH YOU) from \”Another View b/w Of Yesterday\” Split 45 (Varulven) 1980 (US)



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