master mix

sharp axe dub Recorded at Channel One. Mixed at King Tubby\’s.

“You had the Spanglers and the Skull. The Spanglers is like from Princess Street, downtown, and the Skull them is from Southside, Tel Aviv. Them and the Spanglers used to war. I remember when I was a kid, I’d watch them come a King Tubby’s dressed slick. Those guy know how to dress! White shirt and black pants with a little bowtie.”

Ranking Trevor

KING TUBBY MEETS ROOTS RADICS: KNIFE & FORK DUBWISE from \”Dangerous Dub\” LP Copasetic (COP LP 5002) (JA/UK) 1981 KING TUBBY MEETS ROOTS RADICS: KING STEREO GAV DUB (NEVER LET GO) from \”Dangerous Dub\” CD Greensleeves (GREWCD229) (JA/UK) 2009

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