MC5: that saved a wretch like me

sam bloomfield, california resident and patriot.

Thanks to Jon for alerting me to the story. Some crazy people will go to elaborate ends to claim allegiance. It\’s like Marlon Brando\’s PR line from \”The Wild One\” turned on its head.

\”What are you against rebelling against ?\”

\”What have you got ?\”

Bloomfield\’s patriotic fervor runs so deep under the skin he \”recently wrote President Bush, thanking him for his economic stimulus check, but also asking how the government might help keep people from losing their homes during these tough times.\” The article itself doesn\’t go so far as to disclose whether or not he received any word back from Big \’W\’ – either in person, or through his offices. An educated guess would suggest not. What good are lapel pins to a man to a man who painted his entire house red, white and blue from foundation to roof, and then graduated to having his face inked in with a little help from his spouse.

With full frontal tattoos like that, there\’s really only one album which immediately springs to mind. Mr. Bloomfield has evidently fallen for \”The American Ruse\”. Here\’s one not-very Angry Samoan who should have settled in Detroit or customized an automobile instead.

Hey, whatever gets you that Green Card. Right ?

Wrong. Bloomfield already got his in 1976, with peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter slipping into the White House in the wake of the Watergate scandal and the USA at large waving on the 200th celebration of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Bicentennial.

Reborn in the USA. Undying gratitude makes people do strange things. Or maybe it was simply boredom.

MC5: LET ME TRY from \”Back In The USA\” LP (Atlantic) 1970 (US)



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