mccain: you\’ll love our fries!

exhibiting clear signs of microwave damage: agent orange.

Released in October, 1977. Still doing time. No hard labor.

Am I the only person out there who thinks this supercillious patented asshole walks the talk like door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman cum serial philanderer and game show host, Hughie Green ?

\”Yes, folks, and I mean this most sincerely… Tonight, for my good friend, Joe the Plumber; Opportunity Knocks!\”

Oh, I might like your fries. If only I could get the taste of slaughtered Colombian babies out of them. And the stench of burnt flesh.

You shameless motherf@cker. Let\’s go some one on one.

SEX PISTOLS: LIAR from \”Never Mind The Bollocks Here\’s The Sex Pistols\” LP (Virgin) 1977 (UK) PURCHASE NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS… (PRICES SLASHED!)


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