missa luba: gloria in excelsis deo

Well, the intention was to lead today with an extended celebration of Van\’s \”Gloria\”, but following yesterday\’s (very courteous, admittedly) visitation by the \”web sheriff\” it would seem that\’s no longer on the agenda.

Of all those covers of this wonderful song, my own favourite is perhaps Patti Smith\’s from 1975\’s \”Horses\”, but the Doors also did a mean live version, as did the Human Beinz in Japan, and the Blues Magoos on 1967\’s \”Electric Comic Book\”.

Anyway, it\’s all a little immaterial in light of recent events, so stepping onto safer ground like a missionary navigating righteously hostile territories, let\’s instead turn our attention to 1963\’s remarkable Philip\’s release, \”Missa Luba\”, featuring Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin.

You might recall that the featured rendition of David Fanshawe\’s chorale was used to good effect in Lindsay Anderson\’s anti class didactic, \”If…\” in 1968. A european mass sung in a Congolese flavour, it was directed by Father Guido Haazen, who was presumably engaged in the Congo on a crusade to save souls and instil his little piece of dove winged heaven in the heartland of Africa.

LES TROUBADOURS DU ROI BAUDOUIN: MISSA LUBA (SANCTUS) from \”Missa Luba\” LP (Philips) 1963 (France)


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