needles, pins. more needles

tales from the ripped, y\’hear ?

\”The word punk goes back to the 1960\’s… I remember getting copies of NME in the summer of \’75 and they were calling AC/DC, the Bay City Rollers and Eddie and the Hot Rods punk rock. I remember seeing a big article on Eddie and the Hot Rods saying, \’Here Comes Punk\’, but they weren\’t punk rock then, they were doing \’Woolly Bully\’. Here in the States in 1975, Creem magazine would call anything remotely hard \’punk\’ and that included Alice Cooper, the MC5 and the Dictators.\” John Holmstrom, \”Punk. A life Apart\”, Stephen Colgrave & Chris Sullivan, 2001. \”Lester had a lot of problems. He grew up a 7th Day Adventist, and replaced that with rock and roll. He was always talking at you, like a preacher. I brought Lester to see the Ramones, we would drag him out of the house kicking and screaming. He was a real curmudgeon, and it got boring, so we started saying things to piss him off, and we would break into his house and steal beer… It was like being with somebody\’s father. But I liked Lester anyway. He really could write about rock and roll. He got a lot of things wrong, he was too politically correct, but I liked him. Creem magazine was responsible for turning a lot of people on to Iggy and the MC5. Lester turned a lot of people on to a lot of stuff. I think John even read about the Dictators in Creem. Lester got bitter though.\”Legs McNeil, interview with Helen Wilson, Glorious Noise, 2002.

\”The name \’punk\’ came from me. John [Holmstrom] wanted to call the magazine Teenage News, which I thought was a stupid title. Years later, I found out it was from this unreleased New York Dolls\’ song. I didn\’t know this at the time. I just thought he was being stupid.\” Legs McNeil, \”Punk. A life Apart\”, Stephen Colgrave & Chris Sullivan, 2001.

Well. It might be from James Cagney I heard it first . Or even Edmond O\’ Brian. Who gives a shit. Maybe Lenny Kaye used it first to reference The Standells. Or Dave Marsh doing the same with ? and the Mysterians.

It sure as f@ck wasn\’t Legs McNeil.

\”All The Young Dudes\” was allegedly written off the cuff by David Bowie for Ian Hunter. After Mott The Hoople rejected \”Suffragette City\”. While Mott\’s version may lack the shanked razor edge Mick Ronson provided on Bowie\’s own demo recorded after the fact, I still think Ian Hunter\’s vocal here ranks as the finest out the corner of the mouth tirade I\’ve heard this side of John Winston Lennon.

With or without the gum.

Thanks to The Gazzetteer for the link to the Legs interview and the nudge. And Jonathan Richman apropos of nothing less than a bee in the ear. MOTT THE HOOPLE: ALL THE YOUNG DUDES from \”All The Young Dudes b/w One Of the Boys\” 45 (CBS) 1972 (UK)


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