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An electronics prodigy, Osbourne Ruddick – King Tubby – built his first, modest, amplifier (and radio transmsitter) in 1962 at the age of twenty-one; the pioneer to the sound system officially first put into action commercially in 1970, producing back to back 45 versions featuring Tubby\’s trademark echo, reverb and phase effects. A crowning achievement on the slider.

\”Roots of Dub\”, produced by Bunny Lee, was only Tubby\’s second \’official\’ release, backed once again by house regulars, the Aggrovators. His debut, \”Dub From the Roots\”, hit the streets a year after Lee Perry\’s 1973 co-produced dub classic \”Blackboard Jungle\” appeared on Perry\’s own Upsetter label. Tubby was encouraged to cement his growing reputation as master mixman with a follow-up issued under his own name, stepping out from behind the desk for a well received sequel and striking a regal pose.

The mid seventies finally saw him catapulted centre stage. Ragamuffin nobility, if not by Elizabeth\’s appointment.

His original Home Town Hi-Fi incredibly came under direct attack from the police at a Dance Hall in 1975 when he was investigated for performing publicly without a permit. Lacking sufficient funds merely to grease a few palms, the official response was to immediately put down the offending animal – his sound system – in a hail of government issued bullets. A riot very nearly ensued.

In similar circumstances to those shrouding Prince Far I, King Tubby himself was gunned down outside his home in 1989 by an alleged prowler. The culprit was never apprehended. It pays to travel incognito. Sovereign ghettoes or otherwise.

Produced by Bunny Lee. Mixed by King Tubby.

KING TUBBY: ROOTS OF DUB from \”King Tubby: The Dub Master Presents The Roots Of Dub\” LP (Total Sounds) 1975 (Jamaica)


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