northern exposure

ORIGIN late Middle English : probably from the Germanic base of the Old English prefix ed– [again]

From Montreal, Quebec, there is something of a \”Rumours\” era Christine McVie or Stevie Nicks in Veronica Charnley\’s approach running through \”One Hundred Words for Water\”. Lindsey Buckingham too.

This is no bad thing. I am more comfortable with this gentle undercurrent than the febrile expositions of Kate Bush and Tori Amos the Fleetwoods informed in turn; or the everything-bar-the kitchen sink assault of the once elfin Bjork. The instrumentation and arrangements – courtesy of Geof Holbrook – are almost uniformly exquisite. In particular those shimmering eddies of concert harp.

Veronica Charnley : vocals, guitars; Geof Holbrook : bass, piano, spinet organ, electronics, vocals; Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau : concert harp; Benoit Monière : drums, percussion.

FLOTILLA: COURT AND SPARK from \”One Hundred Words For Water\” CD (Sophomore) 2009 (Canada) PURCHASE ONE HUNDRED WORDS FOR WATER


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