not john cale

From Trunk Records:

\”Way back in the late 1960s a man called John Gale saw a gap in the market. He worked in advertising and didn\’t think much of the library music he was having to use for adverts. He thought he could do better himself. And so he started Studio G, with a short run of 7 inch singles.

These worked out well, and so John branched out into the big library LP world. And over the course of about 20 years Studio G issued a small amount of very successful 12 inch library albums across 4 separate Volumes. Hit rates for the label were high, and many of the classic Studio G tracks have appeared for years in important and legendary TV shows. Studio G tracks delighted children watching Vision On. It was Studio G that provided the classic music for the darts, and top crown bowling.\”

DOUGLAS WOOD: MOON NIGHTCLUB from \”G Spots: The Electro, Jazz, Folk & Horror World Of The Studio G Library\” CD (Trunk Records) 2009 (UK) PURCHASE G SPOTS ON CD/VINYL DIRECT FROM TRUNK RECORDS


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