not quite summer

They don\’t come any cheesier than this. Written by Florida\’s Bobby Goldsboro with a seasoned twist of Jim Webb, but served up with such a generous side order of homogenized slush it is enough to make one back off sheepishly like a dog stung on the nose by a clockwork bee.

Arranged by Timmy Tappan; produced by Bob Montgomery and Bobby Goldsboro.

Oh. And possibly one of the most atmospherically arranged introductions ever to adorn the hit parade. I would like to think the writing on this one is informed more by Peter Bogdanovich\’s \”The Last Picture Show\” – or Jim Thompson\’s pulp noir – than Paul Anka and Norman Rockwell. Feel free to tear and shred as you will.

Solicitions, siblings.

BOBBY GOLDSBORO: SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME) from \”Summer (The First Time) b/w Marlena\” 45 (UA) 1973 (US)


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