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In the meantime, let\’s all hope the judge and jury aren\’t out to lunch.

Given the widespread magnitude of wrongful and overturned convictions given media coverage here in the UK – a country which abolished the death penalty in 1965 – there is surely sufficient evidence by now to persuade even the keenest advocate of \”a life for a life\” to exhibit restraint. Often, I am infuriated at the leniency of custodial sentencing and the obvious disparity from case to case. My concern does not spring necessarily from personal moral considerations or religious conviction; I am simply wary of mob rule, and the very real possibility for the miscarriage of justice in the light of incontrovertible facts.

Judge ib rests his case.

Rough Leg.

From a History of Capital Punishment:

\”The last executions in Britain were of two men on 13 August 1964. Peter Anthony Allen, aged 21, was hanged in Walton gaol, Liverpool and Gwynne Owen Evans, aged 24, was hanged in Strangeways, Manchester. They were both convicted of the murder of John Alan West, while robbing him in his house on 7 April 1964.\” Illustration by Edd Cartier. Don Evan\’s \”The Summons\”, \”Unknown Fantasy Fiction\” comic, 1939-1943: 39 issues. SEE EXECUTED TODAY @ POETRY IS FOR ASSHOLES


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