our man flint: a breakfast of kings

In the face of one of irrefutable fact after another, there was little remotely sensational in Moore\’s observation that Wall Street\’s campaign to deregulate finanancial markets has led us directly to the unchallenged ushering in of a Plutonomy.

At the expense of democracy and civil rights. This is definitely one occasion when our man from Flint can not be comfortably denounced by counterclaim of employing hyperbole. In the course of just one year, the New World Order conspiracy no longer appears quite so deluded. It is one thing to privatise insatiably and dismantle industries. It is quite another when enire countries slip into dereliction and public coffers glare back emptily. Genuine evil is at large. Shielded by the genuinely incompetent: the Reagans; Thatchers; the bumbling Bush. The socialists, too, breaking bread with the moneylenders. FDR had a vision of a second bill of rights. He died. The internet was born and for a while there existed real freedom of speech. Gallows Humour is all very well. Next time you bust a nut getting down and homely with The Simpsons, remember that the withered arm of Montgomery Burns is closer than you think. Marge is dead; Homer is on Food Stamps; Lisa is Jodie Foster\’s Betsy; and Bart takes it up the ass on a yacht in the Bahamas.

To the US ballboys amongst us I say this: at least you have Obama batting in your court. Fail to recognise that, and potentially we are all f@cked. Trust no 1. JAMES BROWN: BOSS from \”Black Caesar (OST)\” LP (Poydor) 1973 (US)


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