paint box

DB 8310. a continental imprint. spain perhaps ?

\”Last night I had too much to drink Sitting in a club with so many fools Playing to rules Trying to impress but feeling rather empty I had another drink Drink – a – drink – a – drink – a – drink

What a way to spend that evening They all turn up with their friends Playing the game But in the scene I should have been Far away Away – away – away – away – away

Getting up, I feel as if I\’m remembering this scene before I open the door to an empty room Then I forget.\”

rick wright.

I read it on Raiding The Vinyl Archive first. I still haven\’t seen the news; read a paper, or watched anything breaking on tv. I\’m slow to catch on.

Released November 18, 1967. Written and sung by Richard Wright.

Sergeant Pepper\’s Lonely Hearts Club Band gains a keyboard player.

Drop John and Aunty. Arga Warga. Zigger Zagger. PINK FLOYD: PAINT BOX from \”Apples And Oranges b/w Paint Box\” 45 (Columbia EMI) 1967 (UK)



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