pal joey and the queens mafia

Formed in Forest Hills, Queens, NYC in the very same year, our holey knock-kneed stick insects concocted the perfect antidote to all which was sick and rotten in the state of detritus. A simple largactyl laced three chord syrup for all our ills.

As unequivocal as a slap straight on the kisser.

I have been grossly negligent up here on the bleachers, sadly. A chain-smoking fuckwad nursing uncalled nostalgia much of the time. It was only as the result of my wife nagging me to wear my reading glasses that I realized just how much I\’d given over to half fartedness. That, and the last two fingers of a bottle of Italian House White we purchased earlier; in spite of more sound financial judgment.

As I sit here typing spastically on one digit, I am mildly shocked to recall that Johnny Ramone was born – Cummings, motherf@cker – way back in 1948. A mere three years after the Big Red One. Small wonder, then, he bequeathed us so much shit on lugers; blitzkriegs; and bop. A commando on Quaaludes, he dealt dealt back the aftershock in graphic primary colors. No f@ckin\’ \’u\’ for you. This, ultimately, is what made it a good deal easier to swallow all that tired Emerson, Lake & Palmer crap; the low slung bass of Dee Dee and the myopic impertinence of Pal Joey strobing out over the closed jackboot ranks of a CBGB\’s anorexic gathering.

God bless \’em.



Produced by Tamás Erdélyi and Tony Bongiovi.

RAMONES: SHEENA IS A PUNK ROCKER from \”Sheena Is A Punk Rocker b/w Commando / I Don\’t Care\” 45 (Sire) 1977 (US)


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