peter\’s trip

Paul Beaver: synthesizer; Michael Bloomfield: guitar; Harvey Brooks: bass; Marcus Doubleday: trumpet, flugelhorn; Barry Goldberg: organ, piano, harpsichord; Nick Gravenites: guitar, vocals; Bobby Notkoff: violin; Buddy Miles: percussion; Peter Strazza: saxophone.

A cautiously representative sample from the score to the 1967 cinematic fest which was the love child of Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson. Sidewalk was a subsidiary of Capitol, under the creative wing of Mike Curb. There are unexpected encounters with brilliance peppered through this, like finding sparkling veins on a subway wall. THE ELECTRIC FLAG: PETER\’S TRIP from \”The Trip (Soundtrack)\” LP (Sidewalk) 1967 (US) THE ELECTRIC FLAG: SYNESTHESIA from \”The Trip (Soundtrack)\” LP (Sidewalk) 1967 (US) THE ELECTRIC FLAG: GREEN & GOLD from \”The Trip (Soundtrack)\” LP (Sidewalk) 1967 (US) Speaking of trips, visit this recent post on Doc 40 with its link to New Scientist, for a mindwarping exploration of the universe as hologram. Philip K. Dick would have lapped it up. PURCHASE THE TRIP (OST)


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