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It has been raining, yes; nothing aberrant in that.

Spitting feebly over the last couple of days. Like a judas over supper.

The temperature here has fallen off here considerably too, even as the potential for biblical visitation radiates white heat and leaps from coat to coast. Secret pockets of incubation. Nervous twitching in overstuffed lifts. I toyed with posting this song yesterday, but couldn\’t get it up. All efforts wilted, finally, in a pool of indecision. Much like Marc Bolan\’s self consciously sighed line from \”The Slider\”, Jimmy Page\’s lazy riffing suited my decline into half-assed entropy perfectly. I even dithered over whether to use a study from Francis Bacon\’s \”Screaming Pope\” to illustrate the piece; papal hats and curlicued tails – the one with the flayed carcass hanging behind him like a curtain. The Innocent pontiff. I have no idea who painted the above. The signature eludes me.

It could have gone either way in the end. A bit like 1973.

I have no definite idea, siblings, as to whether this one irritates you as much as \”Stairway to Heaven\” does me. But I like Led Zeppelin immensely.

Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York and Olympic, London.

Engineered by Eddie Kramer; George Chkiantz; Keith Harwood. Produced by Jimmy Page.

LED ZEPPELIN: THE RAIN SONG from \”Houses Of The Holy\” LP (Atlantic) 1973 (UK)


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