pink fairies: down and out in neverneverland

Exploding onto the UK scene in 1970 out of the still smouldering ashes of The Deviants and The Pretty Things, Pink Fairies were the darlings of Ladbroke Grove and the underground free press.

Sex Pistols\’ Johnny Rotten had not one bad word to say of the Fairies, something of an achievement given his zeal to rubbish anything outwith his small coterie built around Finchley, Fullham and the Kings Road. If The Stooges and MC5 were progenitors of punk in the U.S., then Pink Fairies were sperm donors who refused to fuck about.

They also could turn it down a notch too, to great effect, on quieter tracks like \”Heavenly Man\” which – to my mind – recalls the best of the Twink\’s ex-band, The Pretty Things, and dare I say it, the Pink Floyd.

Paul Rudolph (guitar, vocals); Sandy Sanderson (bass); Russel Hunter (drums); and the effervescent \”Twink\” (John Alder) on drums and vocals.

If you can\’t groove to this LP, you\’re already dead.

This is much more my cup of tea, down in the park or otherwise. Maybe I should\’ve led off today\’s preceding post with \’twinks\’ in the park

PINK FAIRIES: DO IT from \”NeverNeverLand\” LP (Polydor) 1971 (UK)

PINK FAIRIES: HEAVENLY MAN from \”NeverNeverLand\” LP (Polydor) 1971 (UK)

PINK FAIRIES: WAR GIRL from \”NeverNeverLand\” LP (Polydor) 1971 (UK)



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