pink floyd: dogs

Yeah. I know it first broke in Year Zero. So fucking what ? No apologies. I keep insisting that punks are simply hippies with Sonny Barger inspired haircuts and attitude. Just so you know. Pay me no mind, but please do me a favour and keep that fucking dog on a leash. My son is wary – downright cagey even – and that makes me defensive.

No fear. And while I\’m at it, may I add that Aleister Crowley was a silver spoon-fed charlatan of the worst possible pedigree. If I were a Sherpa I\’d have cleaved his eggshell skull in tiny unhallowed pieces with a rusting climbing spike.

Written by Roger Waters & David Gilmour. Additional guitar by Snowy White. Recorded in the winter beginning November, 1976 at Brittania Row Studios, England. PINK FLOYD: DOGS from \”Animals\” LP (Harvest EMI) 1977 (UK)

Over on Art Decade, Mike has prepared for your listening pleasure a November 21/22, 1970 gig recorded at Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland. DOMESTIC ANIMALS REMASTERED


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