plucky beggar

Jil, it appears, is a twenty-four-year-old itinerant \”wanderer\”. Living in Paris for now, quite possibly flying by night at Harlem’s All Saints Church, or promenading on the Andes Road. According to his EMI sponsored press release, he handpicked those musicians who trade notes on his LP \”between Prague’s ghetto and the fiery neighborhoods of Algeria’s Sidi Bel-Abbès\”. I don\’t know quite whether to believe this or not. The world is framed by spin. Jil\’s \”world\’, on the contrary, \”is deeply religious. My brother is the muslim, the pope is on my right, the Hindu one behind, and my feet form the ninth branch of a menorah…\” And so on. Whatever the prosaic reality – prozac, even – I found myself quite enjoying a number of those songs which punctuate the chutzpah. This one in particular, which reminds me vaguely of something Tom Verlaine\’s Television might have transmitted during, or just after, their \”Adventure\” broadcast of 1979.

If you are less insulted than impressed, Jil is Lucky will be performing in London at The Monton Water Rats, March 9th. And if that still doesn\’t appease said injurious slant, one might still procure a ticket for their February 13th show at Le Rack AM, Bretigny Sur Orge.

photograph by raphael lugassey.

JIL IS LUCKY: I MAY BE LATE from \”Jil Is Lucky\” LP (Roy / EMI) 2010


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