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From the Floyd\’s first outing wholly recorded without contribution from Syd. \”Music from the Film More\” is a well crafted document exploring their original soundtrack to the picture directed by Barbet Schroeder. Many of the songs featured bear scant resemblance to their cinematic counterparts, and in tonality builds on the themes first explored on \”Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun\” from their second long player.

This low key offering, written by Waters with vocals by Barrett\’s replacement David Gilmour, sounds in part like a eulogy for Barrett and briefly features some outstanding guitar in the song\’s closing moments. The schools here are officially out as of today. The skies are clear and heat has been turned back up a notch. Be thankful, then, I did not inflict Gilmour\’s \”Fat Old Sun\” upon you, siblings. PINK FLOYD: CRYING SONG from \”Music From The Film More\” LP (Columbia EMI) 1968 (UK)


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