power in the darkness

Written by Tom Robinson. Recorded at Wessex Studio, London. Produced By Chris Thomas. Engineered by Bill Price.

Tom Robinson: bass, vocals; Brian \’Dolphin\’ Taylor: drums, vocals; Danny Kustow: guitar, vocals; Mark Ambler: organ.

Not quite in the same league as Jonathan Richman\’s \”Roadrunner\” – how could it be ? – but a good stab at striking a positive note from a curiously British perspective. I have always liked Tom Robinson; no matter what Jake Riviera allegedly went on record as saying. Fuck him.

Have you ever seen the 1978 Brit film, \”Scum\” ? The vegetarian Bolshevik in that movie was essentially Tom Robinson in caricature.

I did get pissed, though, when that fervent self-belief and advocacy of justice got hi-jacked by bland, politically correct motherf@ckers in the 1980s; let it be said. Men and women in suits. Regional councils.

Motherf@cking bureaucracy.

I have no interest in dressing up like Winnie Mandela. Halloween is over.

TOM ROBINSON BAND: 2-4-6-8 MOTORWAY from \”2-4-6-8 Motorway b/w I Shall Be Released *\” 45 (EMI) 1977 (UK)

TOM ROBINSON BAND: POWER IN THE DARKNESS from \”Power In The Darkness\” LP (EMI) 1978 (UK)

* Originally dedicated to the \’Free George Ince Campaign\’ PURCHASE POWER IN THE DARKNESS + BONUS TRACKS


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