psilocybin tryptamine

I love all this insanely coincidental shit, I swear to \”the pagan gods of the ever dwindling woods\”. Scarcely more than a week ago Fusion 45 posted on the Strawbs, and wholly unprompted Gus e-mails me this track in the late afternoon from their 1970 album. Now, the Strawbs as far as I recollect were responsible for that \”You Don\’t Get Me (I\’m Part Of The Union)\” 45 back in the early 70s, but that\’s all she wrote so far as I remember. When it comes to the extremely gifted Sandy Denny – sadly no longer with us, of course – I\’m sticking to Fairport Convention.

This has shaped up to be a very folk soaked day here on SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS, indeed. I am even considering spending this evening sanding back and varnishing a nicely shaped spruce stick my son dragged back from our camping trip.

No. I\’m not altogether stupid, though. There is a fresh bottle of bone dry white wine chilling in the fridge even as I type.

THE STRAWBS: WITCHWOOD from \”From The Witchwood\” LP (Polydor) 1971 (UK)



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