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Jeff Davis, it appears, first teamed up with fellow busker, Fergus Griffin, after a chance encounter on the London Underground in 1999 when Davis turned up there on a sabbatical to collaborate with Gang of Four guitarist, Andy Gill. Within days a coterie of four of sorts was established in homage to Gill when the pair ran into bass guitarist Aldo Silver and a tiny dancing monkey in the labyrinthian tunnels of Hammersmith tube station.

They eventually repaired to San Francisco and in 2004 set up shop in a log cabin in Woodside, California, expanding to a seven piece as they experimented with those songs which would form the backbone of \”Your Star was Shining\”.

Rosa has been grooving to this tune all weekend as we\’ve struggled to impose a sense of equilibrium on our chaotic apartment. We are succeeding rather well, I think. It reminds me more than a little of Camper Van Beethoven at their most radio-friendly. A compliment of the highest order.

Jeff Davis: lead vocals, guitar; Fergus Griffin: guitars, vocals; Aldo Silver: bass, vocals; Stevie Utstein: cello, keyboards, vocals; Art McConnell: drums; Shaina Evoniuk: violin, vocals; Helen Aki: guitar, vocals.

L\’AVVENTURA: ROCKET SUE from \”Your Star Was Shining\” CD (Elliptical) 2009 (US) PURCHASE YOUR STAR WAS SHINING


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